Our Experiences

Flexible Bidding Method

  • Real-time data callback and update, allows the advertisers to monitor the outcome of e-advertising campaigns.
  • Intelligent analysis of end-user behavior, allows the advertiser to deliver the advertising messages accurately by segmenting the behavior, preference, and background of targeted end-users.

Flexible Ads Configuration System

  • By achieving the optimization and high quality of traffics, the advertising campaigns are shown in the appropriate forms, such as native advertising, pop-up, and banners etc. are one of the keys to improving the performance of advertising campaign.
  • Balance the marketing resources, support various advertisements formats and match with the best choice to the advertisements category to achieve the effective rate of the click-through-rate (CTR).

Stable Back Support System

  • High server capacity storage enhances the stability and reliability of the page views (100 million) performance.
  • Immediate feedback and assistance support for all our services in the e-platform.

Contact Info

  • admin@adsquare-tech.com