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Rich Experience in Product Development

Engaged in various fields within traditional and Internet industries, with experience in the technology research and development of hundreds of major customer projects. The company offers a diverse range of tools and entertainment products, boasting a user base of over 120 million activated users.

Enterprise-level Cloud Service Provider

Construct a comprehensive cloud-native solution tailored for enterprises, catering to numerous medium and large enterprise customers. Provide a full suite of one-stop multi-cloud integration, data services, and multi-scenario solutions.

Marketing Growth Services

With a number of mainstream overseas media partnerships, we can provide customers with direct support from the media and focus on high-quality advertising networks with high-quality traffic.

Comprehensive Integrated One-stop Capability

The optimized comprehensive overall design, professional debugging and development provide a system with the best overall performance, the lowest cost, the most efficient, scalable and maintainable.

Implement Results-based Activities

Use the optimal campaign execution method to make consumers see advertisements, achieve results that meet the purpose of the campaign, analyze the indicators generated during marketing execution, and provide efficiency reports.

7*24 Personal Service

Our account managers and support teams are located all over the world, assisting our growing customers in their languages and time zones, providing efficient tools and guidance to help customers quickly expand their user base.

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Software Development

System Integration

App Advertising

Global Media Buying

High-quality Material Production

Smart Cloud Products

Enterprises acquire customers efficiently
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